Whats the leaf and lawn difference. Well we are house trained, which means we clean up after ourselves. thats great, im sure you will agree - but whats more important even than that is the strength and longevity of your new fence. When we build a fence we put the posts at least 2ft in the ground. That way, the fence stays upright, straight and strong long after we have left (You would be surprised to hear that's not always the case with others). Further, our posts are guaranteed against ground rot for at least 15 years. We build to last, just like you would. 

You know as i write this i realise i could write a book on the differences between our fences and our competitors. We screw the timber of our fences together. most of our competitors don't as it takes longer, but every fence we have been asked to fix has been one that has fallen apart where its been nailed by a competitor. We put 3 times the amount of concrete in the manufacturer suggests as we like them firm - and that's after putting a bag of ballast in, just to be sure! We have backpack blowers that help us to make the site extra tidy before we leave and floodlights to help us spot any problems on dark winter evenings.

you can trust us to do what we say, when we say we are going to it, to the specifications you would expect. But don’t take my word for it; Read our CHECKATRADE reviews, here, and see for yourself why we are rated well over 9.5/10 by our previous customers!